UKF 63A AC 4P IP66 Industrial Isolation Outdoor Waterproof Isolator Switch 4 Pole

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UKF series of weather-resistant isolator wide range of applications, suitable for any outdoor application conditions. Including unipolar, bipolar, and three-pole switch, current use of 20A ~ 63A.

Installed base of devices provides a more easy termination and more wiring space. (Switch size is 165mm × 82mm, overall height 85mm.)
Install ground and neutral bars with dual clamping screws to connect the same cable clamp strip length and reliable. Terminal aperture 5-6mm.

More secure, installation switches to a metal structure with an insulating cap, insulating cap covering the base mounting screws to prevent their exposure to energized cables.

Each unit supplied with screwed conduit plugs and screwed reducers for easy connection to 25mm or 20mm conduits and screw caps. Screw caps must be installed to ensure IP Rating.

The impact Resistant base and cover will survive the hardest knocks in almost any installation. The two sections are sealed with aone piece weather seal gasket.

For security,a 7mm diameter hole is provided for padlocking the lever in the OFF position. Deep moulded barriers protect the operating lever from physical abuse or accidental switching.
All units comply to IEC60947-3.
Standard colours are Grey & White

1. Cables looped in and out from overhead
2. In and out from underground
3. In and out stralght through the switch
4. two 25mm rear knockouts are moulded in the base for surface mounting with concealed wiring Weatherproof Isolation Switch.
5. All products meet IEC60947-3 standard, in any bad work environment to provide a safe and reliable power supply control.


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