UKK Junction Box Brass Conductor Power Distribution Screw Din Rail Terminal Block Series

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UKK Junction Box Series

UKK blocks are used in electrical power distribution.An electrical power distribution terminal block is a convenient,economical and safer way to distribbute power from a single input source to multiple outpouts.Complete with main removeable cover.High Conductivity with excellent electrical contacts.


Compact Design:

1.Simple and Safety Operating

2.Install on 35mm wide DIN rail or cchassis mounting with screws.

3.With Dust-proof and insulation cover

4.Hinged design with safety removable cover.

Product Model: UKK80A,UKK125A,UKK160A,UKK250A,UKK400A,UKK500A

Material: PA66,Brass conductor

Color: Blue,Yellow,Red

Mounting Type: DIN Rail NS35

Rated Voltage: 690V

Into the rang of line  Out the range of line

UKK80 80A/690V             6~16mm2             2.5~6mm2 x 4 / 2.5~16mm2 x 2

UKK125 125A/690V          10~35mm2           2.5~16mm2 x 6

UKK165 165A/690V          10~70mm2           2.5~16mm2 x  6

UKK250 250A/690V        35~120mm2         6~35mm2 x 2 / 2.5~16mm2 x 5 / 2.5~10mm2 x 4

UKK400 400A/690V       95~180mm2         6~35mm2 x 2 /  2.5~16mm2 x 5 / 2.5~10mm2 x 4

UKK500 500A/690V       3*15mm2~8*24mm2  6~35mm2 x 2 /  2.5~16mm2 x 5 / 2.5~10mm2 x 4

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